Counseling Support for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Individuals

Dr. Patty provides counseling support to gifted and twice-exceptional individuals ranging from school age children to elders. Her therapeutic orientation is holistic with a relationship focus. Providing a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment, Dr. Patty forms a collaborative relationship with clients. Together, we explore one’s inner world and experiences, and follow the multi-layered threads between one’s thoughts, emotions, body messages, inner knowing, moral and ethical beliefs, relationships, and social ease or discomfort.

The course of counseling is determined by significant past experiences and subsequent enduring imprints, as well as current circumstances, feelings and responses to daily life. Throughout our time together, we attend to the whole self: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual/ethical, and social realms. Clients learn to recognize and integrate intricacies of who they are, including gifted traits of asynchronous development, depth and breadth of perceptivity, emotional and physical sensitivity, intense reactivity and widespread perfectionism.

The goal of counseling is to help clients recognize and embrace the complexities of their whole gifted self; who they truly are. With increased self-awareness and reflection of choices, perspectives and actions, clients will learn to differentiate mental chatter from internal wisdom and guidance. Learning and practicing skills of listening within to receive direction on how to resolve problems, clients can make new choices to enhance their well-being and live a more balanced and contented life.

  • Counseling Fee: $280 per 60 minutes, or portion thereof; payable at the end of each session.
  • Fee applies to individual, couple, or family sessions, in person, or telehealth.
Dr. Patty Counseling Services

Individual – Couple/Marital – Family Counseling – Parental Guidance

Areas of Specialty with Gifted Clientele:

  • Asynchronous development affecting daily life
  • Feelings of “not belonging,” social isolation, social unease
  • Emotional sensitivity; absorbing other’s energy
  • Physical sensitivity, distress and pain
  • Over-thinking, incessant mental activity and contemplation
  • Intensity of experiences in daily life; overexcitabilities
  • Perfectionism and self-expectations
  • Depression, disillusionment and learned helplessness
  • Cataclysmic thinking and fears
  • Stress and anxiety
  • School issues, decreased motivation, achievement or productivity
  • Twice-exceptionality: frustrations of being gifted with disabilities
  • Multi-potentiality affecting college and career choices
  • Life transition discomfort, fear of change
  • Personal, educational, and career decisions

Additional Issues of Gifted Adults:

  • Embracing sensitivities and intensities in relationships
  • Career and family balance
  • Parenting gifted children
  • Divorce and family adjustments
  • Career fulfillment or discontentment
  • Intimacy and competition
  • Searching for meaning and purpose

Licensed Psychologist in Colorado and Illinois
Telehealth Out-of-state Psychologist Provider in 27 states


“Thank you for being the exceptional caring and empathic individual you are. I am glad you have a book as a vehicle to share some of your wisdom but actually, I wish you could help thousands to more fully understand their inner gifts, maybe through Oprah!”

-Counseling Client

“I’ve talked with other counselors and psychologists over the years but ended quickly. You grasp the gravity of what I am saying and how my life experiences have affected me. It comforts me to work with you.”

-Counseling Client

“Now I like being alive-such a simple statement with so much complexity behind it. Thank you for sharing the difficult times with me to bring me to a place where I can make that statement.”

-Counseling Client

“As always, thank you for your talent, expertise and availability. I feel more whole, contented and joyous than possibly ever before in my life. Your guidance and support of me on this arduous journey of self-rediscovery, made all the difference.”

-Counseling Client