YunasaHello! Welcome to my new website! I am excited to finally have a venue to share with you some thoughts on the everyday world of being gifted, and respond to questions and concerns of clients, parents, educators, and innovative thinkers of all ages.

Gifted is not just an educational term. Giftedness touches all of who we are—mind, heart, body, spirit/ethics/morals and social realms. Being gifted affects our inner world, as we respond to everyday experiences with utter intensity, sensitivity and depth of perceptivity. Being gifted is a lifelong journey, affecting us throughout all levels of maturation (child, adolescent, adult and elder), and all incidents, encounters and happenings throughout our life.

Using the email listed on the contact page, please feel free to request a certain topic on which you would like me to “blog.” Or, if you would like me to respond to a particular issue or concern regarding giftedness, I am open and ready to receive and respond to queries on an endless multitude of gifted subjects.

Just so you know, the picture displayed in this first blog post is very special to me. It is a picture of me with my dear friends and colleagues at Camp Yunasa in Colorado. If you are not familiar with this holistic camp for gifted children, please go to the Institute of Educational Advancements website. Pictured: Dan Tichenor, Amy Gaesser, Dr. Patty,
Shelagh Gallagher, and Michael Piechowski.

My best always,
Dr. Patty