About Dr. Patty:

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Patricia Gatto Walden, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized licensed psychologist who has worked holistically with thousands of gifted and profoundly gifted children, adolescents, and adults for three decades. In her adjunct consulting practice, she has specialized in three areas: holistic health and well being, educational consulting for the gifted, and staff and program development seminars. Dr. Patty has helped parents, educators, and administrators understand and accept the multifaceted inner world, needs, and concerns of gifted individuals. It is her belief that home life, education, and counseling of the gifted must attend to the integration and enhancement of the mind, heart, body, spirit, and social self in order to attain contentment and balance in everyday life. Additionally, her career has included university instruction of doctoral level counseling trainees, counselor supervision, and educational administration. She has extensive experience guiding staff development, program development sessions, problem solving groups, and workshops. Dr. Patty has been a featured speaker at international and national gifted conferences and educational workshops and has served two terms as chair of the Global Awareness Network of the National Association of Gifted Children. She is a Senior Fellow for the Institute of Educational Advancement, which serves profoundly gifted youth through various programs including Yunasa, a holistic summer camp. After much urging from clients, educators, and colleagues in the gifted field, she is writing a book incorporating her insights and wisdom acquired through thirty years of counseling and consulting.